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Creating a Truly Rich Society

We would like to express our most sincere gratitude to our shareholders for their continued support.

Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, our lifestyle and workstyle is undergoing dramatic changes. New ways of working that are less constrained by factors such as place and time, just like working from home, have suddenly become widespread, and people are now paying more attention to their health in the course of their daily lives. In addition, according to a survey published by the Japanese government in May of this year in which people living in the Tokyo area took part in, citizens who had an interest in living in a rural area accounted for 49.8%. The results indicated that the younger the individual was, the stronger was this tendency. Visibly, the workforce's mindset has started to shift, and a decentralization from urban to rural areas has commenced.

Since 2008, one of the many initiatives of the Pasona Group has been towards regional revitalization by attracting human resources to Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture. Through the creation of numerous jobs on the island, as well as the opening of various facilities and the organization of events utilizing local resources, the Pasona Group has helped promoting the charms of Awaji Island as an attractive destination which now welcomes countless foreign and domestic visitors.

Through this Awaji Island project, what do we seek to realize? The answer is a Smart Life Initiative that enables a true enrichment of our life and work styles. Awaji is being advocated as an island of gourmet dining, culture and the arts, and health. We want to make this island one amongst the most-advanced and most-affluent places to live and work in the world. As our surroundings continue to change, we will continue to take on new endeavors.

A Platform for an Individual Independent Society

The Japan of today is facing many problems in need of resolution, such as its declining birthrate and aging population, the forced retirement of workers due to one's elderly or sick parents in need of nursing care, an increase in children on daycare waiting lists and an increase in single-parent families. In order to radically solve these problems, we need to make changes that overturn existing paradigms. We are being called upon to shift from a "company-dependent society" to an "independent-individual society", in which the dreams and aspirations of the individual are respected. A society in which all people are free to choose their ideal job which utilizes their skills is a truly rich society for all those engaged in the workforce.
In order to realize such a society, we established Pasona JOB HUB to support a diversity of work styles, such as sole proprietorships and freelancers, while also resolving company management issues by harnessing the wealth of experience, skills, and interpersonal connections of professional human resources. Much like a "cloud-based human resources department," we are constructing a platform for a society of independent individuals with the aim of registering the diverse talents of all kinds of human resources and creating new value by connecting it all together.

As a Social Solution Company

The way that companies are being managed as well as how they interact with society is being called into question worldwide. "Stakeholder capitalism" was advocated for at the Davos 2020 conference in January, and an administration which contributes to society in the long term through its business activities is now being sought after.

This mindset in which every executive officers and employees is a social activist is exactly what the Pasona Group has been advocating since its establishment in 1976 under its corporate philosophy of "providing solutions to society's problems." "A company is like vehicle that moves forward on two wheels: "profit" and "CRS"" and "The Three Types of Good" ("good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for society"). These sayings were taught to me by my father, and are still at the core of the Pasona Way.

As a social solution company, the Pasona Group will continue to work with all stakeholders, including shareholders committed to our philosophy, so as to take up the challenge of realizing a society in which the entire workforce can work with confidence and peace of mind in anticipation of creating a bright future for themselves.

Nambu Yasuyuki, PASONA GROUP CEO
August 2020

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