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Pasona Group Declaration on Health

As an enterprise that focuses on harnessing the potential of the individual, the Pasona Group is committed to bringing about healthy and fulfilling lives, both physically and spiritually, for everyone engaged with us. Under a health management policy devised by top management, we pledge to contribute to health promotion for all people through various health-related business activities.

Fostering a healthy work environment

We are aiming to help build a society in which everyone with the desire to work can succeed through work styles that, tailored to their unique lifestyles, fully utilize their talents and abilities. We also aim to foster an environment that encourages a vibrant and healthy approach to work where people can share with their colleagues the fulfillment and enjoyment of their work.

Creating a healthy culture

We will aim to provide spiritual richness through culture, the arts, and sports activities as we support all people in their pursuit of more fulfilling and healthy lives.

Producing safe and wholesome foods

We will aim to disseminate information regarding the safety and integrity of foods that are directly connected to health. At the same time, starting with agricultural revitalization, we will work toward regional revitalization, protecting our rich global environment and contributing to the creation of a sustainable society through all our collective actions.