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The Young

1980 Launched the Ability Guidance Plaza, a free career coaching course for female university students
Established the Ability Management Center offering temporary staffing opportunities for female university graduates
Providing employment opportunities to female university students with high levels of knowledge and ability
Many companies postponed hiring new graduates due to the sluggish Japanese economy. The situation was especially grim for female graduates of four-year universities, with an employment rate of just 1 in 10.
The high degree of knowledge and ability of female university graduates appeared to be going to waste.
Seeing this as a loss to society, Pasona offered them free career and ability development courses. They were also provided with opportunities for employment as temporary staff for companies.
1983 Launched the Executive Secretary System, a temporary staffing program of secretaries for female university graduates
Many female university students attending a briefing on the Executive Secretary System
1994 Started the industry's first Business Intern System as a project to support female university graduates
Supporting female university graduates during the hiring freeze
With the Business Intern System, Pasona developed a new work style format for corporate employment. It was designed for female university students about to graduate or who had already graduated without any job offers. The job seekers are given OA and other skills training, before utilizing Pasona's temporary staffing system.
2005 Opened the Shigoto (work) College to help solve serious social issues relating to underemployment of young people
Initiated the Sports Mate project to support the employment needs of athletes in training
2006 Initiated the Music Mate project to support the employment needs of people engaged in musical and artistic activities
Classical concert by Music Mate employees
2009 Opened Pasona Gakushoku (Student Job) Cafe, a satellite campus for job seekers
2010 Launched the Fresh career employee system, the Human Incubation College, and the New Graduate Job Hunting Support project to help new graduates find work
Creating employment for young people, the future of Japan
Pasona initiated its Fresh career employee system to provide an environment for studying while continuing to work in a tight job market. It is geared toward the 100,000 young people who join the workforce without a chosen career path.
Opinion advertisement in the Nikkei Shimbun (April 23, 2010)
2011 Started “From here village” (Cococala Mura)on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture
The aim is to help make artists self-sufficient and to revitalize the region by combining art, agriculture, and business, while also creating ties to local industries.
Cococala Mura welcoming ceremony for new hires. Realizing the dual careers of farming and artistic endeavor
2012 Started the GAP Program for those who want to study and plan their own careers while working
2013 Opened Star Rise Tower to support the activities of young artists and athletes
2014 Started ENTRESHIP Program and SPECIALIST program to develop entrepreneurs and human resources with specialized skills
This is a career development program that aims to eliminate employment mismatch for young people. For up to three years, the participants learn while working through various forms of practical training. The self-improvement leads toward a future career path.
2020 Launched the Middles Be Ambitious (MBA) Program targeting generations who have suffered the "employment ice age"
The Pasona Group hires individuals, who could not find the employment of their choice or are having difficulty developing their career, as permanent employees to contribute to community development through regional revitalization.