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Pasona Group Corporate Mission

Based on its corporate philosophy of providing "Solutions to Society's Problems," which has been unchanged since its founding, Pasona Group has always been a social solutions company dedicated to its mission of assisting all aspects of life for all those around us. Our mission is contributing toward a sustainable society and working toward a society capable of achieving a "Smart Life Initiative" to create lives of abundance for people.

Creating Jobs

We are committed to building diverse forms of social infrastructure so that everyone that wishes to work can demonstrate their talents and abilities to the fullest and can be active with ways of working that match their own lifestyles.

Enjoying Life

By ensuring that everyone feels a sense of joy and meaning by enjoying their work, living prosperous lives, and contributing to society, we promote a society where it is easy to achieve a work-life balance so people can feel connected to one another.

Producing Careers

We support the dreams of those who challenge themselves through strong will, and we create opportunities for career-building.

Creating Culture

To help people lead lives of abundance, we seek to achieve a "Smart Life Initiative" by creating new cultures involving health, music, art, and food; as well as creating industries that enable dreams.