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Pasona Group Life Solutions

Childcare supportPasona foster

Pasona Foster operates licensed and certified daycare centers, corporate daycare facilities (in companies and hospitals), public/private after-school clubs, and children's centers, helping create an environment that allows parents to play an active role at work while balancing childcare.

Daycare facilities / number of children 49 facilities 1,730 children
Corporate daycare facilities: 34, Registered daycare centers: 7,
Tokyo-certified daycare centers: 4, Non-registered daycare centers: 4)
After-school clubs and children's centers / number of children 39 facilities 3,900 children

(as of May 2020)

Infant/children education & human resources development Pasona foster

We create environments for children ranging from toddlers to junior high school students to enrich their minds and develop their intellectual curiosity, offering Educare programs for
children, parents, and care providers.

  • Early childhood English education method, Angie & Tony
  • Unique education programs using music, eurythmics, and YUNGA programs
  • PBL-based after-school program Miracle Labo, STEM experience program
    Miracle Labo
  • Hoiku (Childcare) Academy for developing nursery school teachers, CRAYON BOOK for childcare business operators

Nursing care facility operation Pasona Life Care

Pasona Life Care operates community-based residential care facilities, home-visit care service centers, and daycare service centers throughout Japan.

Nursing care operation facilities
(residential care, home-visit care, and daycare service centers)
24 locations

(as of May 2020)

Support for balancing nursing care and work

With the increasing cases where employees in their 40s to 50s, who are in their work prime, are obliged to leave their jobs to care for the parents, the Pasona Group established consultation and other services to achieve zero resignations due to nursing care.

Adoption of the service 200 companies
Participants in the seminar on balancing work with nursing care 18,000 people

(FY2019 results)

Housekeeping services

"legoto" (home) concierge (Pasona Life Care)

Sta_ with a wealth of experience and expertise offer heartfelt personalized service according to individual needs. This includes housework services for couples who both work full-time and for minding of elderly family members.

'legoto' (home) concierge

"Kurashinity" housekeeping service (Pasona)

The Pasona Group invited housekeeping professionals from the Philippines and launched the service in April 2017 at Tokyo and Kanagawa areas, which are designated as part of the National Strategic Special Zones. By using the know-how of the Iegoto (home) concierge, we will support women's further social advancement by reducing the burden of house chores.

Development of a safe and secure environment

Disinfection service (Pasona, Pasona Life Care, Pasona Panasonic Business Service)

We provide tailored cleaning service to customer needs for offices and general households using sanitizers and antibacterial agents harmless to humans.