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Business Outline

Based on the corporate philosophy of providing "Solutions to Society's Problems," the Pasona Group engages in businesses that contribute to solving various issues related to people finding employment.
Pasona provides a one-stop solution to staffing needs with a full lineup of services offered through the expertise and resources of an effective group of specialist companies in a variety of sectors. These services range from Expert Services (Temporary staffing), Insourcing (Contracting), Global Sourcing (Overseas), Career Solution (Placement / Recruiting,Outplacement), Outsourcing and other related businesses.

Expert Services(Temporary staffing)

The Temporary staffing business provides essential personnel at the needed time for only the length of time necessary for various industries, from general office work to highly skilled technicians, and for everyone from university graduates to senior citizens. Pasona offers a variety of temporary staffing for new work types such as marketing and sales, which were opened up to the temporary staffing market due to revisions to the Worker Dispatch Law.

Staffing Type of Expert Services

Clerical Staffing features various temporary jobs for general office work, covering all fields of office staffing necessary for any industry.
Technical It includes positions in accounting, English accounting, financial planning, insurance and securities work, and translation and interpretation. This work requires a comparatively high level of skill or certification.
IT engineering It includes temporary positions for network engineers, programmers, manufacturing and design engineers, PC experts, and other work in IT-related fields.
Sales and Marketing These fields were made possible by the revised 1999 Temporary Workers' Law.
Other Other Expert Services

Insourcing (Contracting)

Contracting business provides completed work and services that include an integrated management system for temporary staff in such fields as administration, general affairs, personnel as well as sales/marketing. In addition, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and contact center operations are included in this segment.

Global Sourcing(Overseas)

In this category, the Pasona Group provides a full line of human resource-related support services overseas such as placement and recruiting, temporary staffing, contracting as well as outsourcing services
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Career Solutions

Placement / Recruiting

Pasona provides placement and recruiting services that find the best match between people and careers by recruiting and registering people wishing to change careers, and matching their qualifications and preferences to job openings at corporations.
This segment includes new services such as temp-to-perm where workers are dispatched on the premise that they be hired as regular employees at the end of the temporary period if both parties agree.


In the outplacement business, our experienced consultants provide information on job openings to workers entering early retirement or planning retirement. We also offer assistance for writing resumes, interviewing techniques, and career counseling. Backed by Pasona's strength in finding job openings, the outplacement business offers its services throughout Japan.


Benefit One, Inc., a Group company, develops outsourcing services for employee benefit administration services. Its principle work is to undertake corporations' employee benefit administration services in a collective manner by offering "Benefit Station," a packaged services menu, to corporations in order to respond to diverse needs that vary from each time and generation. An abundant menu of choices has been prepared for employees who become members. Through catalogs and the internet, members can select from a wide range of services, from hotel accommodations to leisure facilities, restaurant use, and shopping. Members apply directly to Benefit One for services.

Life Solutions, Public Solutions

In these segments, the Pasona Group is engaged in child-care-related business, nursing business, homemaker services, social welfare related business, and regional development business.