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Pasona Group Human Rights Policy

Since its establishment, Pasona Group has built various social infrastructures with the clear corporate philosophy of "solving society's problems," promoting diversity and providing everyone with the freedom to choose the work they want and the opportunities to tackle.
The Pasona Group's job is to "harness the potential of the individual." That is, to "Life Produce" and to support the creation of a comfortable lifestyle for people everywhere. We believe that our social responsibility is to create a society in which anyone who wishes to work can create a fulfilling life plan in a way that suits their individual lifestyles. In order to fulfill this responsibility, we have established the Pasona Group Human Rights Policy, and through the implementation of this policy, we will work together with our stakeholders to promote initiatives that respect human rights.
This policy was developed with the advice of outside experts and approved by the Company's Board of Directors.

1. Basic Approach

Pasona Group* upholds respect for human rights in the Pasona Group Code of Conduct.
With respect to human rights, Pasona Group shall conduct its business activities in compliance with the International Bill of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and other international human rights-related norms.
Pasona Group shall not only comply with the laws and regulations of each country where it operates but shall also pursue ways to maximize respect for internationally recognized human rights to the greatest extent possible.

* "Pasona Group" refers collectively to Pasona Group Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries.

2. Scope of Application

This policy shall apply to all officers and employees working for Pasona Group (including dispatched staff), and users of our services shall also be subject to respect for human rights. The Group also expects all business partners, including client companies and other business partners of the Group, to understand and support the contents of this policy and will continuously encourage them to respect this policy.

3. Human Rights Issues Related to Business Activities

  1. Prohibition of discrimination and harassment
    We shall respect basic human rights in the employment and treatment of employees and shall not engage in unreasonable discrimination based on birth, nationality, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, age, or disability, etc. We shall not engage in sexual harassment (including discriminatory language or behavior toward sexual minorities [LGBT]), power harassment, maternity harassment, or other harassment, and shall strive to prevent others from engaging in such conduct.
  2. Payment of appropriate wages and management of work hours
    We will comply with applicable laws and regulations, properly manage work hours and holidays, achieve a work-life balance for employees, and pay appropriate wages.
  3. Forced labor and child labor
    We do not tolerate any forms of forced labor and child labor, including slavery and human trafficking.
  4. Occupational safety and health
    We will work together to realize a safe, healthy, and improved work environment not only at the workplaces that we manage but also in those managed by our business partners, so that workers can maximize their talents and abilities.
  5. Protection of personal information
    We shall comply with Japan's Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and guidelines, as well as internal regulations regarding the protection of personal information, and shall strictly manage personal information received from clients, employees, and others so that it is not used for any purpose other than legitimate purposes or disclosed or leaked.
  6. Impact on local communities
    We shall fulfill our responsibility to human rights and contribute to a sustainable society in the communities in which we operate.
  7. Respect for freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
    We shall respect the right of individuals to form and join organizations of their own volition and to engage in collective bargaining.

4. Promotion Structure

In order to realize this human rights policy, the Compliance Committee of Pasona Group shall promote initiatives for respect for human rights and shall report on these regularly to the Board of Directors.

5. Redress

Pasona Group has established a consultation service to provide consultation on human rights issues from stakeholders who may be subjected to human rights violations by Pasona Group. In the event that it becomes clear that there is a human rights violation involving the Group, we will work to remedy the situation through appropriate procedures.

6. Education

We will focus on education and awareness activities to promote understanding of this policy and to effectively implement it. We will continue to provide appropriate education to officers and employees to ensure that this policy is integrated into our business activities across the group. We will also educate our business partners about this policy.

7. Dialogue

In implementing this policy, we recognize the importance of responding from the perspective of stakeholders who may be affected by human rights violations, and we will always engage in close dialogue with them. In addition, we will strive to improve and enhance our efforts to respect human rights through ongoing dialogue and consultation with relevant stakeholders on human rights-related matters.

8. Information Disclosure

We will disclose information on the status of our efforts to respect human rights through the Group's website as appropriate.

9. Human Rights Due Diligence

We will identify any negative human rights impacts of our business activities and work to prevent and mitigate such impacts. If it becomes clear that our business activities directly or indirectly cause or encourage human rights violations, we will work to correct and remedy such violations.

August 24, 2023

Pasona Group Inc.
Group CEO
Yasuyuki Nambu

Human Rights Consultation Service
At the following contact points, Pasona Group accepts consultations on human rights from stakeholders who may be subject to human rights violations.
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