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The Pasona Way

The Pasona Way represents our core values, which indicate how each employee should act and behave, based upon our Corporate Philosophy and Corporate Mission. All executive officers and employees pass along and share these values established at Pasona's establishment, which also serve as a consistent basis for making judgments.

For Society

We consider what each individual can do for the society, and we meet challenges boldly with a strong will, a sense of mission, and a venture-company mindset.

We realize a society in which everyone that wishes to work can work with peace of mind and can dream of creating a bright future for themselves.

We continue to be a company with a long and fruitful history, with relevance and social impact.

We call for social change and will contribute to society as a social activist organization.

For Working People

As "Life Producers," we work hand-in-hand with people to help them design and realize their own lives of abundance.

"Dreams belong to people" : We seek to realize a rich future as a product of dreaming, and to walk that path together.

We draw out and encourage each individual's talents, abilities, and hidden potential.

We support all those that depend on us with wholehearted sincerity and care.

For Clients and Customers

I am Pasona's strength" : We act with confidence and pride, providing our services as professionals that can bring reliability and peace of mind.

"When hearts touch hearts, hearts move hearts" : We always keep the other person's perspective in mind and maintain pure intentions.

"Be a 'do tank' rather than a 'think tank'" : We don't overthink what we can do for the customer—instead, we take immediate action.

"Even the soles of our feet shine" : We work diligently, sparing no effort for our customers.

For Colleagues

Our smiles are always bright, our words are always happy and gentle, and our hands and feet are always working hard.

We express feelings of gratitude to our workplace colleagues, seniors, bosses, juniors, and those around us.

We share our wealth and enjoyment in working, and we nurture an environment in which we can work lively and healthily.

We honor the Pasona Group's history of meeting challenges and its inherent qualities, and, together with our colleagues, we seek to meet new challenges to realize an ideal future.

For Shareholders

For shareholders that sympathize with our corporate philosophy; to undertake business activities conducted with the highest levels of quality that also fulfill our corporate social responsibility.