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Pasona Group Sustainability

Based on Pasona Group's Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Mission, and the Pasona Way, Pasona Group will contribute toward building a sustainable society by fulfilling the "Smart Life Initiative" that creates lives of abundance for people.

Our Commitment to Harnessing the Potential of Each Individual

We respect the individuality and diverse ideas and values of each individual, and we promote diversity so that people in all kinds of positions can demonstrate their talents and abilities and achieve growth.

Our Commitment to Contributing to Society

In order to clearly illustrate Pasona Group's corporate stance on CSR and to promote activities that contribute to society, we have established a CSR Unit and a CSR Committee. As good corporate citizens, we will respect cultures and customs both in Japan and overseas, and we actively promote regionally based social contribution and social welfare activities.

Our Commitment to Creating Culture

We support the realization of enriching people's lives through cultural, artistic, and sporting activities.

Our Commitment to Health Management

In line with the Pasona Group Declaration on Health, we are committed to maintaining a healthy working environment and contributing to the realization of healthy and fulfilling lives, both physically and spiritually.

Our Commitment to Global Environmental Conservation

In line with the Pasona Group Environmental Declaration, we have established an Environment Committee with the aim of global environmental conservation. We take good care of our limited resources, we strive to conserve the global environment through our corporate activities, and we have formulated an action plan across the entire Pasona Group to tackle environmental problems.

Our Commitment to BCPs

We propose business continuity plans (BCPs) for each area, aimed at regional revitalization and the creation of new industries, in addition to responding to natural disasters and pandemics.

Our Commitment to Communication

We will undertake appropriate communication with all stakeholders, form healthy relationships with the political world, public administration, and our business partners, among others, and, along with being committed to highly transparent business activities, we are also committed to the fair and proper disclosure of important information in a timely fashion. We refuse to have anything to do with any organization or individual that poses a threat to the order or safety of our civil society.