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Hyogo Prefecture × Kanematsu × Chuo Fukken Consultants × Pasona Group × BUZZPORT 
Partnership agreement signed on initiatives for regional revitalization through the promotion of Advanced Air Mobility : establishment of the Hyogo Advanced Air Mobility Laboratory 

Hyogo Prefectural Government, Kanematsu Corporation, Chuo Fukken Consultants Co., Ltd.,Pasona Group, Inc., and BUZZPORT have signed an agreement on cooperation for developing human resources capable of driving regional revitalization and tourism development and promoting community revitalization through the promotion of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)(*1), which are garnering attention as a next-generation mobility. The first project under the partnership will be to establish the Hyogo Advanced Air Mobility Laboratory “HAAM”.

Areas of cooperation under the agreement

(1) Regional revitalization through AAM
(2) Tourism development through AAM
(3) Mentoring high school and university students on research activities related to (1) and (2) above, implementation of related collaborative activities
(4) Activities for increasing public acceptance to the social implementation of AAM
(5) Other activities for increasing resident convenience and driving community revitalization through AAM

Overview of the Hyogo Advanced Air Mobility Laboratory “HAAM”

-Purpose of establishment
HAAM aims to become a future-oriented think-tank that approaches AAM from the user’s perspective, working together with the younger generation to explore SDGs-conscious ideas about the sky of the future. The laboratory not only hopes to increase public acceptance by sharing widely with the public the proposals the laboratory has developed, but also aims to serve as a hub in Hyogo Prefecture for nurturing young laboratory members to be able to drive the AAM industry forward.

(i) Operation of a virtual laboratory
HAAM plans to build and operate a virtual space where laboratory members and stakeholders in the AAM industry can engage in communication, as well as serving as a platform for sharing the information accumulated and knowledge and ideas discussed within the space. The virtual laboratory is intended to help promote the social implementation of AAM in Hyogo Prefecture.

(ii) AAM seminar for university students
The AAM seminar will be offered to university students selected from among those who live and attend university in Hyogo Prefecture, have interest in tourism and regional revitalization, and are keen to learn about the utilization of AAM. In this intercollege seminar, students will acquire the fundamental knowledge relevant to AAM, participate in project internships, and conduct surveys and research on the social implementation of AAM from a tourism and regional revitalization perspective.

(iii)  AAM division in the Next tourism contest “Kanko Kohshien”
The laboratory plans to establish an AAM division in Kanko Koshien ,a tourism contest launched in Hyogo Prefecture based on a nationwide network of high schools. Contestants will present plans and ideas for projects aimed at solving local social issues and promoting tourism from a younger perspective. After the preliminary round and semi-finals, the finals will be held in February 2023 to determine the grand prize and runner-up teams.

Going forward, the five parties will share their knowledge, experiences, and resources and promote public-private collaborative initiatives to facilitate the social implementation of AAM in Hyogo Prefecture.

(*1) Common name for next generation air mobility with electric vertical take-off and landing capable  aircraft. Thanks to electrification, autonomous operation, and mass production, these next-generation aircraft are expected to allow zero-emission and low-cost operation, which has led to a global development race. Outside Japan, such aircraft and operation are being developed as electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). In Japan, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism have formed the Public-Private Council for the Air Mobility Revolution  to discuss aspects such as the structure design and use cases, aiming to achieve practical application of the technology in Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai, Japan.

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