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Pasona Group Corporate Governance

Pasona Group promotes the strengthening of corporate governance, remaining constantly mindful of management based on a law-abiding spirit and high ethical standards. In addition, as a leading company within our industry, we are actively working on emphasizing compliance and building information management systems.

Along with strengthening the auditing and supervisory functions of the board of directors and enhancing corporate governance, in order to enable prompt decision-making and enhance management efficiency by delegating authority to the executive officers, we are a company with an audit and supervisory committee (under Japanese law). Thus, the members of our board of directors are also members of the Auditing Committee, which plays a significant role in auditing the execution of the work duties of the directors.

Additionally, we have established an advisory board consisting of experts in various fields, and have also established a support system to ensure advice is received from diverse perspectives on various issues related to management, along with working to strengthen corporate governance and improve corporate value.

In addition to establishing a Compliance Committee as an essential part of the compliance structure across the entire Pasona Group, we have also established the Pasona Compliance Hotline, an internal reporting window, which is now in operation.

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