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【グローバル人財】仕事相談会 ~Job counceling for global human resources~

12月19日(土) 18:15~18:45


This program is for global human resources like international students or foreign wokers in Japan.
To participate in the program, please press "ENTRY" and resister some information. You can get a ZOOM link until 12/18.
By the day, please watch an introduction video about Pasonagroup through the link below.

[Message from HR]
Based on our corporate philosophy of "solving social problems," we are currently focusing on "life production that makes the most of people" and "regional revitalization that creates the future of Japan." Those who can sympathize with Pasona Group in the desire to create a society in which people can work by demonstrating their individuality, talents and abilities, a more diverse and free working style, and a society in which each way of life is respected. We are looking for those kinds of talented a like-minded people.